A2/ KET homework

For students currently having classes with me; you can send me 1 piece of writing homework per week.  Please make sure that you follow the naming conventions (Name, Surname level and subject in each document and filename.) .doc files only.  Otherwise I will not correct the work.

Please do the homework in week order.  Week 1,2,3 etc.

A2 week 1 p14 Describing yourself

A2 week 2 p25 Favourite photo

A2 Week 3 p37 An informal letter

A2 Week 4 p49 Describing where you live

A2 Week 5 p61 A formal email

A2 Week 6 p73 writing to a friend

A2 Week 7 p85 Describing a building

A2 Week 8 p97 Giving your opinion