Cambridge exams

The Cambridge examination system is internationally known and respected and is a valuable certificated to have if you plan to work abroad.

I personally thing the Cambridge speaking parts are easier than the Escuela Oficial system but the Cambridge system has 4 parts while Escuela Oficial has 2 main parts.

The 4 parts of the Cambridge speaking exams are:

  1. Interview section.  Giving personal information. (3 minutes)
  2. 2 picture part.  Comparing and contrasting 2 pictures and giving opinions. (1 minutes)
  3. Partner discussion.  Exchanging information, ideas and opinions using 5 or more pictures related by topic.   (3-4 minutes)
  4. 3-way discussion with the examiner.    (4 minutes)

Click on the PET, FCE, CAE sections to see examples of the speaking exams for each level.